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5 Hangover Remedies from Years Gone By…



So, was your New Year’s Eve quiet and tame or rowdy and full of good cheer?  If you had a bit too much celebration and are feeling the effects of the dreaded hangover here are 5 hangover cures from years gone by that may just still work!

1.  Hangover Heaven


Ok, this looks more like a scary Halloween costume than a hangover remedy, but famous makeup man, Max Factor, created this face mask in 1947.  When first created, this mask was meant for actresses to use between takes on movie sets to cool their faces from the hot studio lights.  However, a few hard-partying Hollywood types soon took it over to use as a hangover cure.  The plastic ice cube shaped squares were filled with water and it was kept in the freezer until use.

2.  Onion Soup Hangover Remedy


The onion soup hangover remedy was all the rage back in 1935.  In the above video you can see step by step how to cook this stuff up and it’s pretty yummy to eat too! It’s hydrating and the vitamin B in the onions is good for you.

3.  Tarrant’s Seltzer Aperient


Tarrant’s Seltzer Aperient was popular back in the 1840’s right into the 20th century. It was described as an effervescing powder containing bicarbonate of soda, tartaric acid, and potassium.  And while it did probably help get some fluids and minerals back into the body, it wasn’t a full proof cure, obviously, or we would all have it stocked in our cabinets today.  However, back then it was still being “kind to men who have tried to drink the town dry in one night.”

4.  Quaff-Aid


Quaff-Aid was the hangover cure in the 1950’s.  The perfect hostess was encouraged to have these on hand so that you could “assure yourself and friends a pleasant time and a pleasant tomorrow…”  Basically, these little “Mighty-Mites” as they were called were brewer’s yeast that was rich in minerals and B-complex vitamins. It was so popular it even came in a convenient party pack.

5.  Brenda Frazier’s Hangover Bar Cure


Brenda Frazier, the original celebutante, had a bar dedicated to hangovers at her 1938 coming out party at the Ritz-Carlton in New York City.  The head banquet man Adolphe Jeantet created the cure that guests clamored for.  A bottle of chilled Coca-Cola was shaken and then squirted into a glass of cold milk.  One sip and a nice long nap and you were good to go!

So, there you have it a look back at some of the old-timey hangover cures from years gone by.  What’s your favorite hangover remedy?

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Dear Mother’s Day: You’re Not All You’re Cracked Up to Be!


So, I survived Mother’s Day.

That’s the way I feel sometimes.  I always feel such pressure to have the most idyllic Mother’s Day.

I see posts on Facebook about how perfect everyone’s life is or appears.  How they spent Mother’s Day with their mothers and went to brunch. And they post these pretty pictures with everyone looking happy and perfect and content.

Generally I am not an envious person.  But on holiday’s I do get a bit jealous I suppose.  I live in a small mid-west town where everyone grew up here and has all their family here. So holidays are spent with family, extended family and extended extended family. I however, live 15 hours away from my family.

It’s just me and my husband and our 2 children. Holiday’s are pretty low key around here.  Which I absolutely adore.  The quiet time is a nice break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

But the Facebook posts get to me after awhile, especially when the day isn’t going my way.  And yesterday was one of those days…

Kids bickering with each other all day long.  A teenage daughter who yelled at me all day because she was tired from a busy hectic weekend. Plus having to do 2 homework projects that she hadn’t even started yet.  A teenage son who was upset because my husband and I wouldn’t let him drive to church (he recently got his driver’s license), but I can’t see the point of him driving in a separate car to go to the exact same place we are going.

My husband had to work in the afternoon so he was locked away in our home office while I dealt with the kids and all their drama.

And even though I don’t have perfect and pretty pictures to show it – my son refuses to have his picture taken EVER – I still had glimmers of love and appreciation from both my kids.

For the first time they actually spent their own money on gifts and went and bought them without my husband.  Lush bath bombs from my daughter and chocolate and body lotion from my son.  And beautiful cards which expressed love and emotions that mother’s of teenagers rarely hear.

The day did get better.  My daughter apologized for her outbursts.

As I was going to bed my son came to me and gave me a great big hug and said he was sorry my Mother’s Day was so stressful because of how he and his sister acted.

And while I don’t have perfect, pretty pictures to post on Facebook, I do know that I am loved and appreciated by my little family.  And that’s worth so much more than a fleeting moment captured by a photograph.

Until Next Time,